About the Founder

So… who is behind Australian Makers Marketplace? 

Hi! My name is Karol, and I am the human behind Australia’s growing Makers Marketplace.

I have a little human of my own who holds many titles within the business- Director of First Impressions, Marketing Manager, Taste Tester, Food Critic and Tech Support. An upgrade to Master Milkshake maker has quickly followed, since opening our Cafe + Pantry in January 2022.

I grew up in Lithgow - think 1970’s & 80’s- a small(ish), regional town.

We were always travelling somewhere for something. We travelled for family gatherings and functions, and ‘drop in visits’ were a thing. Visiting family and friends back then, 40 + years ago, meant turn up unannounced - if they were home, you were lucky-  you were welcomed and entertained (picture gathering around the ‘larger than you’d ever need’ dining table with a clear plastic covering over the tablecloth!. There was no question that you would be fed (and hydrated) - even if you weren’t hungry- there was always a gourmet spread of your dreams!

From salami to spec, cheese & dips, olives, roasted peppers, cabbage salad, thick crusty bread, and sweets - Turkish delight, baklava, and halva. There was always an endless supply of authentic Eastern European fare to be enjoyed.   

I’ve always been a bit of a ‘dream big’ type of girl. The allure of the ‘big smoke’, the ‘bright lights and big city’ had me dreaming for more. So off I went to explore. I immersed myself into my professional roles within the Real Estate and Retail industries, working my way up from the bottom, and always strived to provide the best customer service I knew. 

I still believe that ‘honesty is the best policy’, ‘communication is key’ and good old-fashioned ‘getting to know you’ banter always helps along the way. 

Returning to Lithgow 15 years ago - ‘there’s no place like home’ - I continued to work within the Real Estate and Retail industries, but there was always a little niggle to start something of my own.

First side-hustle - Mouse and Me Co. - providing gourmet grazing boxes and Cheese Celebration Cakes. Expanding on this idea a couple of years later, The Roving Deli & Co. was born- and we started attending regional markets near and far. Menu options included all-regional produce- salami, cheese, olives, honey, and sourdough. Market life was busy with a lot of early starts and fun set-ups in rain and snow, but there was no better feeling than meeting so many amazing customers, hearing their stories, and creating friendships with like-minded vendors along the way.

Bring us to today, (after ‘getting cold feet’ just after Covid hit in March last year), I took the plunge to give this a go and follow my passion for creating a shopping destination showcasing All-Australian products, from makers big and small. Our online store was launched in August 2021, and now we also have our own little place - Monkey Creek Cafe + Pantry - to call our home.

Why All-Australian products?

Why not! We have so much to offer. Australian Makers Marketplace showcases fabulous Australian Makers and Designers, our movers and shakers. I believe their products mirror the ethos of our brand and showcase the heart and soul of theirs.

Trust plays a key role in all of this, and one of the reasons I have told you my story today. It helps to know who you are dealing with and where your money is being spent.

Welcome to a gorgeous shopping destination- our online store is ALWAYS open, and WE would like to invite you to come on in and enjoy what there is on offer.

I may be one, but WE are many.

Karol x

Stay safe and take care.