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What on earth is Zumami?

What Zumami products are out there?

At last count we have created 3 amazing Zumami (we think the plural is the same as the singular – don’t you?) 

 Focus on flavour and pairing

While spice is nice, at Zumami we believe that too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing. This is why our condiment products are created to be all about the flavour.

So Zumami’s Asian inspired Chilli Jam is not about being extra hot and spicy, unlike so many of the “knock your socks off” chilli sauces and condiments on store shelves.  Its layers of flavours are the full package, offering a perfect blend of salty, spicy, sour and sweet to go with a huge range of foods and recipes.

Zumami’s Spiced Apple  &  Ginger Relish carries on our philosophy of making the most of a great key ingredient -   then taking that ingredient to another level in a packaged, long shelf life product.  At Zumami, we believe that food should be experienced as a journey – and that by pairing with all kinds of food, in lots of different and creative ways, our range of Zumami and their amazing flavours can be sensed, savoured and enjoyed by all (well maybe not babies... but then again?)

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