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Mexico City Foods was the first company in Australia to make corn chips and tortillas using the authentic nixtamal method.

In 1978, under Senor Nila the production had begun but was limited to restaurants and the few lucky Mexicans who knew the secret. 

Later on, in 2000, Chef Luis Sada took over the business and created Mexico City Food Products. Under Luis' guidance the nixtamal range of products expanded to include more flavours of totopos (that's chips for those who don't speak Spanish), tostadas (the real Mexican hard taco) and most of the other products we have today.

Finally, in 2016, Diana and Pedr took over the reigns and have grown Mexico City Foods into the business you see today.

Diana is a Mexican by birth and an Aussie by choice. She is passionate about her heritage and loves the food of her home country. Check here to listen to an interview with Diana about how she has managed to succeed so far from home.

Pedr is Australian born and raised. He has finally managed to break free of his sausage sandwich and tomato sauce roots and has embraced a love of breakfast tacos and salsa verde.

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