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Our traditional Balkan bakery values are keeping our rich culture and beloved traditions alive and thriving. We bring traditional and authentic homemade food from the Balkan regions straight to our customers. You'll find baked goods from the countries of Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia, and Croatia as well as surrounding countries.

Not everyone has the time, knowledge or space at home to make these products often and that is why our bakery exists. We are here to connect your family and friends through our traditional food.
In particular, we pride ourselves on our Burek pastry. We've perfected the recipe for a soft, moist and flaky pastry that we stuff with a variety of mouth-watering fillings including quality feta and ricotta cheeses, tender and lean beef mince or fruits and vegetables that we source locally. We balance the pastry perfectly with flavor, dough, oil and fillings to make sure it is one of the best you will ever try.
At LS Bakery, we concentrate on making sure that our customers leave with high-quality, fresh baked goods, and our dedication to tradition is what elevates our baked goods to another level. Our knowledgeable and experienced pastry chefs hold themselves to very high standards, and this allows us to have premium baked goods for our customers to enjoy.
The Result!
After inviting people over and sharing our baked goods whether it would be a normal catch up or a family event. you will feel closer to one another, connected to your culture and through this smiles and happiness will follow.
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