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We are Garlicious® Grown, a farm based business in Braidwood NSW. Jenny Daniher and Cathy Owen were growing great garlic on our family farms purely for family and friends. As firm friends, we chatted about this new product seen in high end food magazines: black garlic. As a fun challenge, we set out to produce palatable black garlic. Using small scale dehydrators with 12 months perseverance and lateral thinking, we delivered a soft luscious sweet black garlic clove.

Working backwards, we applied our science and farming backgrounds to realise the necessary and sufficient circumstances to make great black garlic and refined a commercially viable method in use today (no we’re not telling either!)

We have built a business centered on quality healthy products delivered with great customer service. We grow beautiful garlic and buy best grade garlic from local growers to meet increasing demand. We put our black garlic before the judges and saw our high quality recognised with a gold medal and the highest score in any class of the 2017 Sydney Fine Food Regional Food awards. This benchmark has assisted business growth centered on retail, food service and direct to customer sales.

We have promoted direct to market at customer food shows, retailer trade shows and food service expos. There is no greater recommendation than offering a tasting to the public. Many are reluctant to try but with encouragement are amazed at the rich complex flavour black garlic offers.

Garlicious® Grown is built on values of quality, pleasure and adaptability to opportunity. We supply some of Australia’s leading chefs, have over 100 domestic retailers and lots of happy ‘repeat buyer’ customers.

Our fledgling export business is blossoming and we look forward to more partnerships with likeminded food producers to bring great food products to market.

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