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Over 70 years since the last beer was made and 100 years since trading under the Billson’s name, Nathan and Felicity sold their St Kilda home, bought the brewery at the end of 2017 and begin the restoration process at Billson's. Sandblasting old paint off the building, removing over 300 pigeons from the ceiling and jackhammering up asphalt. Nathan, Felicity and the team at Billson's have been working tirelessly over the past three years to restore the building to its glory days and to create a venue for locals and tourists of all ages to enjoy.

The 150-year-old building and the brewery's access to fresh alpine spring water (via a well built in the 1800's), are two important ingredients for the business, earning it an Australia-wide reputation for producing top quality beers, sodas, spirits and cordials.

Nathan and Felicity are passionate in ensuring they retain the rich heritage of the business, using old label designs and recipes found in the historic building, and looking to an old brewer's diary for authentic inspiration. Nathan and the team hired a historian to help source as much information as possible at the beginning of their journey and even found old recipes in the archives of the State Library of NSW. These have been used as a base for the Pale and Ginger Beer and many cordial recipes remain unchanged.

Nathan hopes to do justice to George Billson's original vision; connecting with community and continuing to gain inspiration from the brewery's history, to make Billson's the best it can possible be.

The portfolio has grown from 15 cordials in 2017 to a delightful range of cordials, sodas, beers, gin, coffee liquor and premix ready to drink vodka. Some products are available in kegs and our Ginger Beer (3.5% alc/volume) is pouring in over 20 pubs throughout North East Victoria!

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